Age Therapy Gel Testimony 2

Age Therapy Gel Testimony: Nicole Mathewson

Nicole-Mathewson-age-therapy-gel-testimonyAbout Nicole Mathewson

I am currently a student studying dental hygiene. I recently got married to my best friend. We are still in that “Newlywed” stage and love to spend all of our free time together. We like to stay active and have a lot of fun doing it. Rock climbing, bicycling, hiking, and kickboxing are a few of the activities we enjoy.

Her Story

In 2009 I started using Morinda products. I was healthy when I started taking the products, but I knew taking them would help me live a longer, more fulfilling life. I have always been interested in living a healthy lifestyle and Morinda stood out to me as they have the best products on the market. My family has a history of health problems and I wanted to do all I could to help take preventative measures for myself. I also like to prevent wrinkles and take care of my skin. So, I was excited to try out all of the different Morinda skincare products. The products are so much better than the expensive, greasy, and thick products I was using before. I noticed a clearer complexion and less age lines after just one month of using the products. When I forget to use the products, I don’t have to worry that my skin will be dry because they actually make my skin better for the long haul rather than masking a problem such as dry skin. In the year I have been using Morinda’s products I haven’t noticed any new wrinkles. The true test will be when I turn 40. I’m hoping I still won’t have any wrinkles! Lastly, I have always had a “sugar addiction” as I like to call it. For example, I could buy two or three pounds of candy and eat it all in one night (this has happened on several occasions). A few months after my marriage, I was the heaviest I had ever been in my entire life! I wanted to blame it on other things; but I knew it was from the high amounts of sugar I was consuming. My husband and I decided we try out the TruAge line of products and change that habit. These products really complemented each other and helped me kick by sugar addiction. Whenever I would crave something sweet I would drink Morinda products instead and the craving wouldn’t be there anymore. I never felt like I was starving myself or missing out on all of the sweets I used to crave. It’s great because now I can wear pants from high school again. But, to me, the most impressive thing was that I didn’t crave sugar any more!


AGE Therapy Gel Testimony 1

AGE Therapy Gel Testimony: Annette Adams

Annette-Adams-AGE-Therapy-Gel-testimonyAbout Annete Adams

I have worked for Morinda for 13 1/2 years. I have four children and 21 grandchildren. Morinda has been a blessing in the lives of all my family members. They each have their own, favorite product. My hobbies include singing, painting, and being with my husband. He just so happens to be my best friend.

Her Story

Morinda’s skincare products really work! After a recent appointment with my Dermatologist, he said to me, “In the 20+ years that I’ve been seeing you, your skin has never looked this good!” “Whatever you are using, just keep doing it!” Morinda’s products are great and are definitely working for me!

People are raving about AGE Therapy Gel

Find out what a number of people have had to say about AGE Therapy Gel after trying it out

truage-core-AGETherapyGel_468Our AGE Therapy Gel is perfect for all people. Whether you’re male or female, young or old, it will protect, soothe and repair your skin from head to toe. The media has taken notice, and Morinda customers, distributors, and even employees are loving the effects the gel is having on their skin.

Below is just some of people said about AGE Therapy Gel:

Michelle Smith: “AGE Therapy Gel is crazy! It has it all; all the same [iridoid] ingredients as TruAge Max in it. You can’t ask for anything else. I love that it goes on clear, and how just a little bit goes a long ways, and lasts forever. I’ve been using it on my face.”

“I have a lot of freckles, and with time I’ve lost some pigmentation in my skin and gained blotches (dark spots/age spots) on my face. After only two weeks using the gel, my skin was back to normal. No more dark spots, everything was gone. My daughter, an esthetician, asked me, ‘What is going on with your skin?’ She immediately commented how amazing my skin looked after only one week. She could not believe that after only two weeks my skin was more radiant than ever!”

“I had instant results with AGE Therapy Gel, as did some people I know. I wasn’t expecting as good of results as I’ve seen! Some of their results: stops stings on cuts, instantly repairs dry skin, and stops burn sensation.”

Geralene Thurnau: “I have been with Morinda since 2000, and have always used the skin care products Morinda has launched. To my experience, every time they keep getting better and better. When I was little I never used SPF and had a lot of sun damage, specifically on the bottom of the lip where it would always peel and get dry. I applied some AGE Therapy Gel and by the next day there was no peeling, no redness. It wasn’t dry, it was just normal.”

Justyna Hamilton: “I like this product because, by using it, I am protecting my skin from forming AGEs. I like the feel of my skin after I applied the product. It helped me a lot after I got sunburned to recover from it. Anyone who will try this product will be fully satisfied.”

Anna Allison: “My favorite product is AGE Therapy Gel. I really like this gel. I am using this gel morning and evening every day. I like a very light and soothing fragrance that disappears almost instantly. One drop of gel is all I need to cover my entire face. It’s really smooth and simply glides all over the skin so I didn’t have to wait too long before applying moisturizer and makeup. It looks hydrated, healthy, and refreshed.”

Marina Ostler: “My favorite product right now would be AGE Therapy Gel. I used the gel for four weeks now and it has made a difference in my skin. My face looks more healthy and hydrated even without makeup on. I’m so looking forward to getting more, because of how good it is. I would recommend this gel to everyone.”

Zita Hernandez: “I have used the AGE Therapy Gel and I have seen an improvement in the texture of my skin. I am fascinated with that product.”

Christian Morales: “My favorite product so far is the AGE Therapy Gel. I have been using it for three weeks and I can see the benefits: moisturizes my skin, replacing hydrating creams, no odor. I really like this feature. Absorbs very quick.”

Katelyn Stout: “My favorite product is the AGE Therapy Gel. Not only do I have extremely sensitive skin, but I am extremely particular about what I use on my face. This is one of the very few products I will allow in my skin care regimen. I love that it’s water based so it sinks in quickly. I love that it isn’t full of filler ingredients either.”

So, if you want to look younger, longer, just follow their example and try AGE Therapy Gel for yourself! And afterward, make sure to share how it helped you.

TruAge’s Skin AGE Therapy Gel is available for you at our online store.


Lower AGEs to look and feel younger

Media Says

cookingIf you want to improve your health and appearance, various media sources have some advice for you: lower your advanced glycation end-product (AGE) levels.

More and more AGE-related articles have been popping up online in all regions of the world and on websites covering all sorts of topics. The following are some notable recent mentions of AGEs in the media.

Munch your way to youthful good looks ( “Glycosylation also [produces] oxidative stress which [heart surgeon and ‘Dr. Oz Show’ host Mehmet] Oz explains is when sugar molecules aggravates all it comes into contact with, ‘like may shards of glass’. Oxidation eventually leads to Advanced Glycation Endproducts or AGEs. The accumulation of some AGEs is natural and people may experience AGEs numerous times in their lifetime – however, poor eating fast forwards the process.”

Can some foods ease joint pain from osteoarthritis? (The Globe and Mail): “It’s also wise to limit your intake of meat cooked at high temperatures (e.g. grilling, broiling, frying), which contain inflammatory compounds called advanced glycation end products (AGEs). Studies have linked AGEs to a handful of chronic diseases, including osteoarthritis. Alternatives include poached or steamed fish, poached chicken, braised meat, as well as beans, lentils and tofu.”

Eating or Avoiding These Foods Can Take Years Off Your Face (One Green Planet): “When you eat sugar, a process known as glycation occurs. The sugar in your bloodstream attaches to proteins to form harmful new molecules called ‘advanced glycation end products,’ which then damage adjacent proteins, such as collagen and elastin, as well as increasing the risk of age-related diseases such as cataracts, Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease and stroke. Additionally, a diet high in sugar will actually cause the body to create less resilient new collagen! So even a young person on a high sugar diet is setting themselves up for premature aging. But not all is lost! Cutting sugar from your diet can allow your body to repair the damage and rebuild weakened collagen, according to recent studies. And you don’t have to go sweet-free; swap sugar with any of these healthy alternatives.”

9 ways to keep your collagen and skin looking young (Mirror): “According to Dr Patricia Farris, co-author of The Sugar Detox: Lose Weight, Feel Great and Look Years Younger (Bantam £8.99), eating too much sugar can be a beauty disaster. It causes premature ageing of the skin by a process called glycation. This is where excess sugar in the blood attaches itself to lipids, nucleic acids and proteins (especially your collagen) to form ‘advanced glycation end ­products’ or AGEs, which accelerate the ageing process and so cause wrinkly skin.”

Easy way to fight AGEs on your skin is by using our skincare product, AGE Therapy Gel.


Who Won The #ToastTest contest!!


#ToastTest Contest is completed. Before we announce anything we would like to thank everyone who participated in this #ToastTest contest.

After a month of submitting TruAge Skin AGE Therapy Gel toast test entries and a week of voting on the top five, it is now time to officially announce the winners!! Because of all of you, this has been one of our most successful social media campaigns ever! Over the period of the contest, the Toast Test has been trending on social media with hundreds of posts and thousands likes and shares. This contest has reached more new people all over and has helped share the TruAge message worldwide.

Without further ado, we would like to announce the top three winners of the #ToastTest contest, drumroll please……


1st Winner: Anna Dolzhenko-Arhipova


2nd Winner: Margaret Loiacono



3rd Winner: CJ and Tori Czencz


We would once again like to thank everyone for their participation in the contest. Congratulation to the winners of this contest and stay tuned because we have so many more fun contests coming up!!! Let us look and live younger longer…


TruAge Skin AGE Therapy Gel is the buzz in the media


AGE-Therapy-Gel-081242585758-pinBB21E23235As more and more people are learning about and experiencing the benefits of this revolutionary TruAge Skin AGE Therapy Gel, praises for this product continue to grow. Skin Care magazines, Health and Beauty blogs and websites and more have featured the product and are touting its amazing results.

Media outlets such as, Direct Selling News,,, and Dermascope Magazine also highlight AGE Therapy gel.

Additionally, several popular health and beauty bloggers have featured this product after completing their own personal trials of the product.

Popular Health and Beauty Bloggers Personally Experience and Endorse AGE Therapy Gel

Spontaneous Chick, a health and beauty blog out of New York City, after experiencing its benefits for herself, presented AGE Therapy Gel as a skin care product of choice. Aleya, the blogger, said it made a huge difference in her skin, making it look more hydrated, healthy and refreshed – as if she had taken a long and much needed vacation. She tried the product for a total of eight weeks.

Pammy Blogs Beauty, another popular blog, featured its second article about AGE Therapy Gel; giving it rave reviews after concluding a six-week trial of the product. The blogger, Pammy, said the continued use of the product has increased her skin’s overall hydration, smoothed fine lines, improved tone, and generally improved the appearance of her skin.

Article Containing TruAge Message Picked Up By Over 1,000 Online Outlets

An article sponsored by Morinda, “Combat signs of aging with simple beauty-routine updates”, has been picked up by over 1,000 online media outlets. Coverage of this article has appeared in large outlets such as the San Francisco Chronicle, Houston Chronicle and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

The article explains how to defy AGEs by avoiding excess sugar in your diet and how adding AGE Therapy Gel to your daily skin care routine can fight AGE formation in your skin, therefore, fight skin aging.

The buzz surrounding Morinda’s newest product continues to grow and it looks like TruAge Skin AGE Therapy Gel is proving to be the ground-breaking product it set out to be!

TruAge’s Skin AGE Therapy Gel is available for you at our online store.