Show Us Your AGE Therapy Gel Toast Test


Help us share the TruAge message by participating in the #ToastTest Contest – AGE Therapy Gel Toast Test!


show-your-toast-testThe AGE Therapy Gel Toast Test is such an important concept at Morinda because it literally shows how our TruAge Skin AGE Therapy Gel protects against AGE formation and glycation in the skin. But in the grander sense, the bread we use for the toast test is a symbol for how ALL of the products found in TruAge Core help you live, look and feel younger, longer.

We think that this message is so universal that it needs to be shared around the world and we want to do that by having a Fun AGE Therapy Gel Toast Test Contest! We want you all to “show us your toast”!

All you have to do is create a design on an un-toasted piece of bread with AGE Therapy Gel. Toast the bread, take a picture of it, and share your picture on either Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #ToastTest.

After we have received all the pictures from everyone who participates, we will choose the very best five. After that, it’s up to you and your friends to pick the winners! Voting details are below. Toast will be judged by artistry, creativity and detail. Don’t settle… dig deep and harness all of your creative powers!

Everyone who participates will not only help in sharing the TruAge message, but will have the chance to win big prizes! Our grand prize winner will get two flights and hotel accommodations for ILC 2015 courtesy of Morinda. The second place winner will receive $500 cash, and our third place winner will get a TruAge Core Regimen (30-day) Pack for free!

Help us share the TruAge message around the world! Show us your toast!! – AGE Therapy Gel Toast Test

Steps to Enter AGE Therapy Gel Toast Test Contest:

Use AGE Therapy Gel to draw on a slice of bread to create a design. Use your fingers, a paintbrush, a cotton swab… anything you’d like!
Toast the bread in either a toaster oven or a conventional oven
Post a picture of your finished toast to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter
Make sure to tag all of your submissions with #ToastTest. IF YOU DON’T USE THAT HASHTAG, WE WON’T SEE YOUR SUBMISSION.
All entries must be submitted by September 30th to be valid

Prizes AGE Therapy Gel Toast Test Contest:

1st Place Winner: 2 flights and hotels for ILC
2nd Place Winner: 500 Dollars
3rd Place Winner: TruAge Core Regimen (30-day) Pack [$265 value]
Voting Details:

All entries must be submitted by September 30th in order to be counted as valid. On October 1, we will pick the top five best #ToastTest designs based on detail and originality and post them for the public to vote. The public will be able to vote simply by liking the image on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. On October 8, after one week of voting, we will announce the winners!

TruAge’s Skin AGE Therapy Gel is available for you at our online store.


10 Alasan Mencintai dan Menggunakan A.G.E Therapy Gel Indonesia

A.G.E Therapy Gel Indonesia

AGE-Protection-Gel-081242585758-pinBB-21E23235Sejak peluncuran TruAge Skin A.G.E. Therapy Gel di Amerika Utara Business Summit di kota New York, produk ini telah menjadi pembicaraan berita!

A.G.E. Therapy Gel Indonesia adalah produk universal karena semua orang menginginkan yang lebih muda, terlihat lebih muda. Dan karena produk ini adalah untuk semua orang, saya buat daftar sepuluh alasan mengapa setiap orang harus mencintai dan menggunakan A.G.E. Therapy Gel!

10 Alasan untuk mencintai dan menggunakan A.G.E. Therapy Gel Indonesia:

1. Ini adalah untuk semua orang: A.G.E Therapy Gel dapat digunakan oleh segala usia, dengan semua jenis kulit pada setiap permukaan kulit.

2. Toast Test / Uji Roti Panggang: A.G.E. Terapi Gel melindungi sepotong roti dari AGEs berbahaya. Tapi dalam arti besarnya, roti yang kita gunakan untuk Uji Roti Panggang adalah simbol bagaimana SEMUA produk yang ditemukan di TruAge Core membantu Anda hidup, terlihat dan merasa lebih muda, lebih lama.

3. Mengurangi glikasi di kulit: A.G.E Therapy Gel ringan dan menenangkan. Gel pelembab dengan bahan-bahan terbukti yang akan mengganggu pembentukan AGE dan melindungi kulit Anda terhadap kerusakan AGE (glikasi).

4. A.G.E Therapy Gel mengandung bahan-bahan terbaik bumi yang manjur melawan AGE: Tahitian Noni, cherry Cornelian, daun zaitun, blueberry dan cranberry. Dan seperti Maxidoid yang tertelan untuk melawan efek internal AGEs, A.G.E Therapy Gel adalah produk yang Anda gunakan secara topikal untuk melawan masalah eksternal, yang terlihat efek kerusakan AGE.

5. Melindungi, menenangkan, dan memperbaiki kulit Anda yang stres atau rusak: Selain mengganggu pembentukan AGE pada sumbernya, A.G.E Therapy Gel melawan glikasi, atau kerusakan AGE, dengan cara berikut:

Melindungi – A.G.E Therapy Gel menyediakan penghalang pelindung terhadap Advanced Glycation EndProducts, radikal bebas, hilangnya kelembaban, dan kerusakan lingkungan.
Cepat terserap, ringan dan menenangkan – A.G.E Therapy Gel adalah aman untuk segala usia dan jenis kulit. Ini lembut menenangkan luka bakar, ruam, dan gigitan bahkan kulit sensitif.
Memperbaiki – A.G.E Therapyerapi Gel mempercepat penyembuhan luka secara alami dan membantu kulit memperbaiki dari kerusakan yang disebabkan oleh AGEs.

6. Ini adalah bagian dari TruAge Core: A.G.E Therapy Gel akan melengkapi produk-produk TruAge Core yang merupakan paket lengkap yang ditargetkan untuk mengurangi tingkat AGE. Coba paket TruAge Core kami selama dua minggu (TruAge Core Experience) atau bulan (TruAge Core Regimen) dan melihat perbedaan yang dibuat ole empat produk ini dalam hidup Anda.

7. Ia bekerja sendiri dan sebagai bagian dari rutinitas perawatan kulit sehari-hari: Hal ini juga merupakan teman yang sempurna untuk mengatur perawatan kulit / produk perawatan wajah, tidak perlu mengganti apa-apa. Gunakan dan Lihat apa yang dilakukannya untuk Anda!

8. Murah: Orang-orang membayar ratusan dan ribuan rupiah untuk mendapatkan penampilan yang lebih muda dan kami A.G.E Therapy hanya dengan harga $ 42. Sementara kulit tampak lebih muda tak ternilai harganya, dengan A.G.E Therapy Gel Anda hanya perlu membayar biaya yang kecil untuk perbedaan besar.

9. Membantu Anda untuk terlihat lebih muda, lebih lama: kerusakan AGE dapat meningkatkan munculnya keriput, bintik-bintik usia, garis-garis halus dan banyak lagi. AGEs, secara berlebihan, akan merusak kulit Anda dan menyebabkan Anda terlihat lebih tua dari yang sebenarnya. A.G.E Therapy Gel memiliki ramuan terbukti untuk melawan AGE, yang akan melawan efek penuaan dan mengembalikan penampilan muda untuk kulit Anda.

10. Produk ini bekerja hebat!!!: Mereka yang menggunakan A.G.E Therapy Gel secara teratur mengatakan kulit mereka terlihat dan terasa hingga 10 tahun lebih muda. Hal ini kemungkinan besar karena produk ini terbukti melawan AGE, yang mengganggu pembentukan AGEs pada kulit. AGEs adalah penyebab utama penuaan dini.

Info Lebih Lanjut hubungi kami:

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Telp 2: 0878 5634 5556(XL)

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10 Reasons to Love TruAge Skin A.G.E Therapy Gel

TruAge Skin A.G.E. Therapy Gel

AGE-Protection-Gel-081242585758-pinBB-21E23235Since the launch of TruAge Skin AGE Therapy Gel at the North American Business Summit in New York City, AGE Therapy Gel has been the buzz with IPCs and the talk of the news!

TruAge Skin AGE Therapy Gel is a universal product because everyone desires a younger, more youthful look. And because this product is for everyone, I thought I would list ten reasons why everyone should love AGE Therapy Gel as much as we do at Morinda!

10 Reasons to love TruAge Skin A.G.E. Therapy Gel:

1. It is for everyone: TruAge Skin AGE Therapy Gel can be used by all ages, with all skin types on every skin surface.

2. The toast test: TruAge Skin AGE Therapy Gel protected the piece of bread from harmful AGEs. But in the grander sense, the bread we use for the toast test is a symbol for how ALL of the products found in TruAge Core help you live, look and feel younger, longer.

3. Reduces glycation in the skin: It is a lightweight, soothing, moisturizing gel with proven ingredients that will disrupt AGE formation and protect your skin against AGE damage (glycation).

4. It’s TruAge Max for the skin: TruAge Skin AGE Therapy Gel contains the same earth’s best ingredients that give TruAge Max its AGE-fighting efficacy: Tahitian Noni, Cornelian cherry, olive leaf, blueberry and cranberry. And just as TruAge Max is ingested to counter the internal effects of AGEs, TruAge Skin AGE Therapy Gel is a product you use topically to fight the external, visible effects of AGE damage.

5. Protects, soothes, and repairs against your stressed or damaged skin: In addition to disrupting AGE formation at the source, TruAge Skin AGE Therapy Gel fights glycation, or AGE damage, in the following ways:

Protects – TruAge Skin AGE Therapy Gel provides a protective barrier against Advanced Glycation End-products, free radicals, moisture loss, and environmental damage.
Soothes – TruAge Skin AGE Therapy Gel’s fast-absorbing, weightless formula is safe for all ages and skin types. It gently soothes burns, rashes, and bites for even sensitive skin.
Repairs – TruAge Skin AGE Therapy Gel promotes natural wound healing and helps repair skin from damage caused by AGEs.
6. It’s a part of TruAge Core: TruAge Skin The AGE Therapy Gel will complete the TruAge Core line which is the complete package targeted to reduce AGE levels. Try our TruAge Core packages for two weeks (TruAge Core Experience) or a month (TruAge Core Regimen) and see the difference these four products can make in your life.

7. It works on its own and as part of any daily skin care routine: It is also the perfect companion to your current set of skincare/facial care products, there is no need to replace anything. Use it and see what it does for you!

8. Low Price: People pay hundreds and thousands of dollars to give themselves a younger looking appearance and our TruAge Skin AGE Therapy Gel only costs $42 or $35 on Autoship. While younger looking skin is priceless, with TruAge Skin AGE Therapy Gel you only have to pay a small fee for a huge difference.
9. Helps you to look younger, longer: AGE damage can increase the appearance of wrinkles, age spots, fine lines and more. AGEs, in excess, will damage your skin and cause you to look older than you really are. TruAge Skin AGE Therapy Gel has a proven AGE-fighting formula that will fight the effects of aging and restore a young appearance to your skin.

10. It works!!!: Those who use TruAge Skin AGE Therapy Gel regularly have said their skin looks and feels up to 10 years younger. This is most likely because TruAge Skin AGE Therapy Gel has a proven AGE-fighting formula that disrupts the formation of AGEs on the skin. AGEs are the primary cause of premature aging.

TruAge Skin AGE Therapy Gel is available for you at our online store.