People are raving about AGE Therapy Gel

Find out what a number of people have had to say about AGE Therapy Gel after trying it out

truage-core-AGETherapyGel_468Our AGE Therapy Gel is perfect for all people. Whether you’re male or female, young or old, it will protect, soothe and repair your skin from head to toe. The media has taken notice, and Morinda customers, distributors, and even employees are loving the effects the gel is having on their skin.

Below is just some of people said about AGE Therapy Gel:

Michelle Smith: “AGE Therapy Gel is crazy! It has it all; all the same [iridoid] ingredients as TruAge Max in it. You can’t ask for anything else. I love that it goes on clear, and how just a little bit goes a long ways, and lasts forever. I’ve been using it on my face.”

“I have a lot of freckles, and with time I’ve lost some pigmentation in my skin and gained blotches (dark spots/age spots) on my face. After only two weeks using the gel, my skin was back to normal. No more dark spots, everything was gone. My daughter, an esthetician, asked me, ‘What is going on with your skin?’ She immediately commented how amazing my skin looked after only one week. She could not believe that after only two weeks my skin was more radiant than ever!”

“I had instant results with AGE Therapy Gel, as did some people I know. I wasn’t expecting as good of results as I’ve seen! Some of their results: stops stings on cuts, instantly repairs dry skin, and stops burn sensation.”

Geralene Thurnau: “I have been with Morinda since 2000, and have always used the skin care products Morinda has launched. To my experience, every time they keep getting better and better. When I was little I never used SPF and had a lot of sun damage, specifically on the bottom of the lip where it would always peel and get dry. I applied some AGE Therapy Gel and by the next day there was no peeling, no redness. It wasn’t dry, it was just normal.”

Justyna Hamilton: “I like this product because, by using it, I am protecting my skin from forming AGEs. I like the feel of my skin after I applied the product. It helped me a lot after I got sunburned to recover from it. Anyone who will try this product will be fully satisfied.”

Anna Allison: “My favorite product is AGE Therapy Gel. I really like this gel. I am using this gel morning and evening every day. I like a very light and soothing fragrance that disappears almost instantly. One drop of gel is all I need to cover my entire face. It’s really smooth and simply glides all over the skin so I didn’t have to wait too long before applying moisturizer and makeup. It looks hydrated, healthy, and refreshed.”

Marina Ostler: “My favorite product right now would be AGE Therapy Gel. I used the gel for four weeks now and it has made a difference in my skin. My face looks more healthy and hydrated even without makeup on. I’m so looking forward to getting more, because of how good it is. I would recommend this gel to everyone.”

Zita Hernandez: “I have used the AGE Therapy Gel and I have seen an improvement in the texture of my skin. I am fascinated with that product.”

Christian Morales: “My favorite product so far is the AGE Therapy Gel. I have been using it for three weeks and I can see the benefits: moisturizes my skin, replacing hydrating creams, no odor. I really like this feature. Absorbs very quick.”

Katelyn Stout: “My favorite product is the AGE Therapy Gel. Not only do I have extremely sensitive skin, but I am extremely particular about what I use on my face. This is one of the very few products I will allow in my skin care regimen. I love that it’s water based so it sinks in quickly. I love that it isn’t full of filler ingredients either.”

So, if you want to look younger, longer, just follow their example and try AGE Therapy Gel for yourself! And afterward, make sure to share how it helped you.

TruAge’s Skin AGE Therapy Gel is available for you at our online store.