TruAge Skin AGE Therapy Gel is the buzz in the media


AGE-Therapy-Gel-081242585758-pinBB21E23235As more and more people are learning about and experiencing the benefits of this revolutionary TruAge Skin AGE Therapy Gel, praises for this product continue to grow. Skin Care magazines, Health and Beauty blogs and websites and more have featured the product and are touting its amazing results.

Media outlets such as HAPPI.com, Direct Selling News, TotalBeauty.com, Examiner.com, and Dermascope Magazine also highlight AGE Therapy gel.

Additionally, several popular health and beauty bloggers have featured this product after completing their own personal trials of the product.

Popular Health and Beauty Bloggers Personally Experience and Endorse AGE Therapy Gel

Spontaneous Chick, a health and beauty blog out of New York City, after experiencing its benefits for herself, presented AGE Therapy Gel as a skin care product of choice. Aleya, the blogger, said it made a huge difference in her skin, making it look more hydrated, healthy and refreshed – as if she had taken a long and much needed vacation. She tried the product for a total of eight weeks.

Pammy Blogs Beauty, another popular blog, featured its second article about AGE Therapy Gel; giving it rave reviews after concluding a six-week trial of the product. The blogger, Pammy, said the continued use of the product has increased her skin’s overall hydration, smoothed fine lines, improved tone, and generally improved the appearance of her skin.

Article Containing TruAge Message Picked Up By Over 1,000 Online Outlets

An article sponsored by Morinda, “Combat signs of aging with simple beauty-routine updates”, has been picked up by over 1,000 online media outlets. Coverage of this article has appeared in large outlets such as the San Francisco Chronicle, Houston Chronicle and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

The article explains how to defy AGEs by avoiding excess sugar in your diet and how adding AGE Therapy Gel to your daily skin care routine can fight AGE formation in your skin, therefore, fight skin aging.

The buzz surrounding Morinda’s newest product continues to grow and it looks like TruAge Skin AGE Therapy Gel is proving to be the ground-breaking product it set out to be!

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